A Mini Retreat at Hoar Cross Hall Spa Resort

Hoar Cross Hall

We are running a Mini Retreat in February 9-11 2014 at Hoar Cross Hall in Staffordshire UK

We chose this place with a great deal of care and attention. It took us several months of visiting places, talking to people, soaking up the atmosphere of all the places we entered. We listened to the background noises, the conversation styles of the people we encountered. We observed how the staff in all these places conversed and just as importantly we noticed their clients, enjoying (or not) the environment and how important they were (or not) to everyone working there.

We thought about the journey there. What it feels like to leave the normal journey to and from work, in the endless anonymous cars commuting or trains clanking along the tracks, over ground. I particularly thought of the heat, heavy silence and foetidness of a tube journey during rush hour. Relentless, predictable, grim.

We plainly state at the top of our home page that an important element of the retreats is the environment, the location.

We mean it.

We chose Hoar Cross Hall in Staffordshire because we consistently saw relaxed happy people, staff and visitors alike enjoying being in the moment, enjoying being at Hoar Cross Hall. We saw mutual respect and consideration, we saw and heard humour. It felt light. Heavy hearts would be lifted in such a place.

We are running a mini retreat. This is a time to unwind, to put yourself first for a change. We want this to be a time to start thinking about all those things you push away in the bizziness of life. All those things like, dreams you once had, or an itch to start something new again. For others it might be to pause, catch your breath, re-energise so that you resume your day-to-day life re-invigorated.

It is a mini retreat, the expectation being to take a small time out. Small AND significant.

This is a time to relax, to explore your inner thoughts, learn to think differently. It is a time to gather your resources. A time to experience being looked after, no beds to make, food to cook. For 3 days email  is held at bay or in its place. Your world can survive that time without you and when you return you will see things with clearer eyes.

The space you occupy affects how you think and feel. We all know that, and there is plenty of research to back that up too.

We also looked outside, fresh air, big sky and beautiful rolling countryside all support an opening mind.  We saw space for reflection, for peacefulness and for fun.

Hoar Cross Hall is located in the centre of the Country easily accessible and still, as you wind down the last few miles through beautiful lanes, a place out of time  – for a while.

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