How to survive the winter blues.

A while ago, I spent some years working in the Mediterranean. One of the aspects I particularly enjoyed, not surprisingly, was the weather. Spontaneous picnics, winter sea-swimming, and blue skies above mountain tops really did it for me.

So returning home to Derbyshire, and not just Derbyshire, but one of the coldest places in the county, was a shock.  But now I’ve come to really appreciate our British weather and, in particular, these cool winter days.

Now, there’s nothing I like more than waking up to a bright, frosty morning. But there’s something very appealing too about the quality of the dark, winter light. It might not grab your eye as readily as a blaze of sunshine but I am finding it quietly comforting. Somehow, the absence of colour is relaxing. In a world where we are bombarded with visual stimuli, it’s really refreshing to take a walk in cool monotone. And, of course, once you start to look, you see that there is still a wealth of beauty, it’s just not showy.

The four seasons serve their purpose.

Winter is a time when plants and animals become dormant, focussed on conserving resources.  This process is triggered by changing light levels.

We respond to shorter days and lower light levels in the same way. We may not actually crawl into a burrow but we feel we’d like to! By embracing this energy shift, you’ll find that Winter is a great time to slow down and take stock ready for Spring.

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