Do you ignore the voice in your head that says “There’s got to be more to life than this?” Five reasons not to.

Does this happen to you?

It’s a sunny morning. You are going about your day. There are no unusual challenges. Things in life are stable.  You have a good job, a comfortable home, husband/wife and kids. You spend your weekends predictably but pleasantly.

You should be content. But you are not.

However hard you try, a small voice inside your head keeps interrupting you, as you keep on doing what you believe to be the right thing.

There’s got to be more to life than this. Why aren’t I happy? I’m not excited about my life anymore….or any variation along these lines.

This voice may interrupt you at the most inappropriate of times. A family celebration, your birthday, on holiday or a lazy Sunday morning.

The voice inside your head disturbs you.

 This can feel very scary.

  • You panic because you may have to face up to a truth that you would rather avoid
  • You feel guilty because you “should” be happy
  • You feel confused because you really don’t know what is going on.


Be not afraid. It’s OK.

Don’t be afraid.  Paying attention to feelings, all feelings, is important. They are there for a purpose.

Trying to suppress feelings is like pushing a wine cork down into a bucket of water. The harder you push, the more forcefully it pops back up.  Using your energy in this way is not good for you.

Rather than trying to manhandle these feelings out of the room, consider the five messages below.  You will feel calmer and more in control.

Feelings you’d rather not have  – five messages of reassurance and hope  

  1. You are allowed to have uncomfortable feelings. It’s normal.  Nobody has happy feelings all the time. Having feelings is far healthier than feeling numb or passive or depressed.
  2. These feelings may make you sad, angry, confused or anxious but they won’t kill you. In fact, they are a sign of your life stirring, a wake-up call.
  3. Just because you have a growing sense that there is something out of kilter in your current world, doesn’t mean you have to rush to change it. You can take all the time you need to work out what is going on.
  4. There are many simple ways you can manage your feelings so that they don’t overtake you.  In fact, you are more in danger of your feelings overwhelming you if you do not make space for them. If you sit quietly with the feelings for a while, you will find that they will rise up and then subside again, allowing you to carry on with your daily activities.
  5. Once you decide to pay yourself some serious attention by listening to your feelings, you have taken an important step forward.  You may not know yet where the answers lie, but you can be sure that, given the right amount and quality of reflection, they will emerge.


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