Make your space

A crowded mind has no space. What do you do in the first hour of your day?

When you wake, do you turn on the radio or television ( or do you have them on whilst you sleep)? Do you reach out to access the internet and “plug yourself in” check email, flick through Twitter or find Facebook?

At what point do household activities take over, responding to other members of the family and being properly part of your family?  Is the conversation that ensues welcome or is it competing in your head with all the information you have taken in from other sources?

At what point in your morning do you have a clear enough mind to hear  AND PAY ATTENTION to what you are saying to yourself?

Quite often both of us, whilst coaching. will hear a similar thing. The phrasing may be different but the meaning is the same.

“I am not sure what I think any more” and when asked what their inner voice is saying a flat ” I don’t know” or ” I can’t hear my inner voice” is the reply.

Think of it this way

If your head is full of information coming at you unceasingly from all directions one way to make space for it all is to go quiet inside.

If you love what you are doing and/or are engaged in a project or role that demands all of you, this quiet is essential as you sift what you need and what you don’t. You assess the relevant from the irrelevant. This inner quiet is supporting you, giving you space.

If you don’t love what you do, or have grown tired and weary  the inner silence feels hollow, scary and can feel very isolating ( Yes even in your own head!) It is usually in this place that the sense of “I don’t know”  and,  “I can’t hear my inner voice”, starts to trouble you. In this instance your sense of disconnection becomes quietly paralysing. It is insidious too.  You may appear to be functioning well on the outside, but you and those close to you will notice a change in your approach and attitude.  It is all a bit DULL.

Information Blast

It is very easy to live in the blast of information and opinion – informed or otherwise-  that cycles around the same areas repeatedly. Think about the news, how much is transmitted over and over again during the day.

Compare your evening ritual with your morning ritual.  Do you check emails, the news, social media before sleeping? Do you go to bed to sleep with a mind churning and on waking do you start again straight away with the same habits?

If so WHEN is there time in your day when you live with your own random, whimsical thoughts?

What space have you made for them to arise and be heard? Start  by looking  at your morning ritual. Start afresh every day.

Imagination needs space. Creativity needs space.

Make some.

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