Wotever  definition From the Ninja dictionary

“(colloquial dismissive) A holophrastic expression used discourteously to indicate that the speaker does not consider the matter worthy of further discussion” 

Recently on a long car journey, I found myself musing on two distinct incidents separated by several decades which until that moment I hadn’t realised were linked.

Once I realised the linkage a bunch of things fell into place about what drives or doesn’t drive me at work and some danger signs to look for.

Incident number 1

I am 11 years old. The last year at primary school. We had just finished a PE lesson in the gym. We had been playing netball. A game I HATED as it seemed to me then as it does now, as sort of like Basketball but with ALL THE FUN REMOVED.

The class I was in was large. There were forty of us, and all of us, boys and girls, had been playing a version of it similarly with all the fun removed – for an hour.

At the end of class we were all heading off to get changed when the teacher, let’s call him Mr J told me he wanted me to collect the balls up and put them away in the gym cupboard so that the dinner ladies could set up the room for lunch.

So I set about collecting all the balls and threw them half heartedly into the cupboard. They were nearly in the right place in the large baskets  just some were not precision placed on the shelf. They were all kept behind the tables we used for lunch and as far as I could tell were in a similar state of organisation as when we all got them out in the first place.

It took me a few minutes  to gather them all together and clamber over the tables to the back of the cupboard and the smell of lunch was calling for the whole school. Once I had finished I went off to get changed. Continue reading