You are a product of your environment

What happens around you affects you, it informs your thoughts and actions

For the last couple of weeks there has been a cold snap where I live. We’ve had snow sometimes and very cold weather. I’ve experiemced more snow and I’ve been in colder places. But after a mild winter I was left in the situation where for 2 weeks solidly I had the central heating on. ( low)

I was raised in a large cool house. Winter was a time of coal fires and wearing extra layers of clothing, bedding etc. I am used to operating between a small range of temperatures. I am your average British softie.  It gets too hot, I am uncomfortable, give me water I can cool down. If it gets too cold, more clothes, turn up the heating etc. Tea. Always tea.

So for a couple of weeks the heating was on all the time. At first it was really lovely to walk back into a warm house after a trip out with a the dog, or shopping, or with family and friends. The feeling of opening the door and warmth hitting a very cold face Continue reading