What if this is not a temporary blip?

You caught the mistake you made yesterday before anyone else did. This second guessing yourself lark, is becoming a bit trying isn’t it?

For a while now there has been a shadow hanging over you, no one else ( you hope ) is aware of it, but you are. It follows you around and reminds you that you are foolish. It questions what you do.

This voice in your head used to be your ally, giving you a second look, providing that inner quality control which made you so good at what you do. Recently it seems to have taken on a slightly different tone, not a friendly, up beat supportive inner voice at all.

The shadow now following you around is a nagger and a whiner – not the best of chums when you have to take your mind out for spin and problem solve, innovate and lead. If this shadow were a real person you would have found a way for them either to not be on your team, or to develop a better attitude if they wanted to stay.

What really troubles you is that the shadow is doing more work now than it used to have to do. Now, what used to be a fairly cursory parade inspection has turned into a forensic mission to find mistakes.  And more and more mistakes and omissions are being found.

What if this IS more than a blip?

You’ve had periods in the past, during intense projects or one of those “times of your life” where you have been aware of a dip in performance and interest.

Comforted by your knowledge that PEAK performance is NOT MEANT for every day, you have lived through these times and extracted whatever value you can. They  always proved to be fertile, if frustrating times.

This is different. It doesn’t feel fertile at all.  In fact you might even go as far as describing it all as mind numbing and a bit sterile. The length of time this state of frustration and weariness has been going on is perhaps longer than you have noticed it?

Looking back you can see the other occasions as Blips but this feels far too long to be a blip.

Take a cool look. Find a space where you can sit and think without interruptions.

Ask yourself two questions

How long has this been going on? 

Consider your answer.

How long does it have to go on before you decide you have to do something about it? .

Listen to your answers.

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