Decisions, decisions: Who are you without your current job?

Crazy things  sometimes happen slowly. I bet you know at least one person this has happened to. Imagine for a moment this scenario:

Career wise you decide what you are going to do. You spend a few years at it and you get very good at what you do, you thrive.

If feels good being good so you decide to spend some more time getting even better at what you do, enjoying the challenges, loving what you do. You develop out what you can do.  Then you get even better at what you do.

Time is passing, the odd decade here and there. During this time other things are happening.

Relationships are built, broken and built again. Dependents are nurtured, children arrive, older parents seek help. You, the  one who is GOOD at what you do, is relied upon. All decisions you made along the way add up to your life. Importantly the decisions you made about your career are, you believe,  the definition of who you are.

And it all makes sense.


Maybe it happens in a conversation and you discover that in describing what you do you have no enthusiasm. You attempt to muster some up and it takes quite a bit of energy. Maybe the person you are talking to doesn’t notice – that is irrelevant. You have noticed. It might be a quiet realisation whilst you are driving somewhere and your mind is wandering thinking about friends following up on their opportunities. It could be whilst doing a routine task of daily life, like taking rubbish to the tip.

Where ever and however it happens the result is the same. You’ve decided you can’t do anything else. This is it, this is who you are.

If you can not DO this then it does not make sense.

You have come to believe that you are what you do.

Catch this thought. Do not discard it. Remember a few things:

1) Decisions can be unmade, remade , altered, changed or just plain ignored.

2) Beliefs are not facts. They feel like facts, as they are so important to us – but they are not facts.

Ask yourself a different question.

Instead of, Who am I, without my current job?  or  Who am I if I do not do this?


1)   What else could I be doing?

2)   Who am I, when I am not at work?

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