Dauntless and Undaunted?

Looking back there were times you can pinpoint when you were just dauntless.

You asked the questions that needed to be asked, you had the conversations that others were trying to slink away from without being noticed and you could make a bold decision and were prepared to deal with the consequences that came later.

Life seemed a lot simpler then. You hadn’t learned the rules. You hadn’t picked up on all the nuances or if you had, you decided they did not apply to you. You were able to see with fresh eyes and saw the world as a place of possibilities.  A place of pace and progress.

Whether this was yesterday or 5 years ago, to have been successful, being dauntless at times will have been part of your natural behaviour.  Now it is a piece in your repertoire that is rarely played, if at all.

Dauntless, Undaunted.

There is a strong energy,  a vigour that those words convey. There is courage AND there is intelligence too. It is acting WITH awareness not without it.  As adjectives go for people of action, this is all very appealing. Maybe you would pick another word, or others did for you.

Resolute, determined, plucky, intrepid  even…..


They are bold words. 🙂 Bold words that represent bold deeds. Action taken, and taken again. They are not sit on the side and watch life go by, words.

Try them on as words that befit you. Remember the last time you successfully used that aspect of your character.

Seriously, let your mind wander. As we often suggest, ask yourself a question and wait.  Think of a time when you did something, said something or made something happen that was special for you.

Perhaps it was asking for a meeting with someone and then actually asking the questions you wanted to ask. Or volunteering for something  your colleagues had been trying to hide from. Or saying No to a request and being clear and resolute why,  thereby opening up another set of possibilities because you could follow through.

Or a time when you decided a change of direction was needed and you announced that you were shifting to a new job, taking a new option, moving to a new town, taking a year off, taking on a mortgage for first time.  You announced it with confidence and those around you, even as they gasped in surprise, accepted your action.

They did not question your right to do this and most importantly, neither did you.

Whatever comes to mind note it. If some “unsuccessful” examples pop up,  keep going.

Once you have assembled a handful of times that were meaningful  to you, try them on for size. Remember where you were, who you were with, remember how you felt just before you acted, dauntless and undaunted. Imagine if you were acting that part now, what would it feel like?

What did you notice about them all. What did you believe about yourself then?

It is all still there. 

Now you are wiser and have others to consider, partners, family, colleagues, employees, clients. You have a wider appreciation of where you fit and what effect your actions could have.  I am not suggesting you ignore all this, on the contrary I am suggesting you remain aware of all this and still act.

The Voice of Experience has a partner that it needs to be relevant. Experiences.

Take the brakes off, find a project, however small

And be –


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