How to get the life you really want: Dreaming AND Doing

When was the last time you felt a deep sense of joy and contentment in your life? You may dismiss the concept of living the dream as unrealistic but it is essential to your inner vitality. For me, it happens when I’m in the great outdoors.

I’ve just returned from a sea kayaking trip in Anglesey. I love this place. It’s so rich in wildlife: we paddled out to a rocky islet populated by hundreds of seals, hearing their mournful cries as we approached and watched muscular porpoises jump close enough to hear their breathing.

Several times, I found myself looking around and thinking I’m living my dream!

This wasn’t a flippant thought; it was heartfelt.

In these moments, I felt a sense of deep contentment. I wanted nothing else, to be nowhere else, it just felt so good to be there. All other preoccupations were far, far away.

When was the last time you felt like this?

When was the last time you knew you were living your dream?

If it’s been a while, then maybe my experience will help. (I haven’t always known how much I need times like these to revitalise me).

So how did I get to live my dream? The dream itself started over 5 years ago when I was first bitten by the sea kayaking bug. The first time I went on a guided trip, exploring the rocky coastlines, I knew I wanted more.

It was a call from my soul. I listened.

I decided to learn to kayak.

There followed a rude awakening (like an unexpected capsize into cold water!) when I realised that there was more to sea kayaking than I’d anticipated. The living of my dream was going to take some hard work. I had to learn the whole art of boat-handling and how to cope with volatile weather and sea conditions.

I realised I was going to have to do more than just get in a kayak to achieve my dream.

Living the life you really want is about dreaming and doing.

Sometimes you can be great at dreaming and overlook the doing. If this is you, you’ll spend precious time feeling unfulfilled, wishing things were different instead of bringing your dream to life.

Other people are great at the doing but don’t stop to dream. Or they dream but don’t listen. So their doing is more about doing stuff for the sake of practicality or habit rather than connecting with something more powerful.

So you need to Dream and Do.

That way you feed your soul.

What are you dreaming and doing? And does it make your heart sing?

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