A word I would ban.

Short and perhaps not sweet.

Before reading the rest, take a few moments to think about something you say you want to do or address but so far you have not got started. With that in mind read the rest.

If I could ban a word from the English language it would be Perfectionist.

I am sure when it was first coined it had its uses. Well I say I am sure, more truthful would be for me to say I can believe it had its uses.

I most commonly rub up against it when I hear someone say they are a perfectionist and they can’t get started until they are certain they can do it perfectly.

They have tied themselves up with lovely stuck knot. Perfectionist  does a poor job of concealing the true problem.

In some way they are scared of failing. They are afraid.

Whilst there will be nods when failure is logically explained as part of learning -that the toddler fell over a lot whilst they learned to walk and that the falling and getting up again was part of building the strength of muscle to sustain walking- the emotional aspect was not addressed. The emotion, fear, remains.

Facing fears is where personal and professional growth comes from. Like most things it gets easier with practice. Small steps taken achieve more than no steps taken. Well duh! Except not well duh! This is a common affliction that affects everyone at times..

If I could ban the word perfectionist, that badly conceals a deeper truth progress could become possible sooner. Fear would recede sooner, be managed sooner, used usefully, sooner.

There is a similar affliction that leads to a tightness, an inflexibility of mind. The false sense that there must be the right place to start. If you are attempting something that you have never done before THERE IS NO RIGHT PLACE to start…

Starting somewhere, trying it testing it, modifying etc etc is progressive. A good look from the edge or above is important. A lot of the information reveals itself ONCE YOU START.

Sure there may be better places to start. Getting advice from people who have some knowledge of the territory you want to enter is wise. More than wise it is essential that you listen, particularly if it calls into question your initial thoughts.

Don’t dismiss it because you don’t like it.


In the end you do make your own decisions about what you do and when and why.

If you give up on being a perfectionist, on finding the perfect starting place you are allowing for more than one attempt. That in itself will decrease your chances of failure and increase your chances of success.

Those people who produce perfect work? They do it through trial and error. The intent to produce high quality work, the holy grail of perfection IN THE END, that can stay..Aspiration that inspires yes.

Perfectionists? hmmmm