A Grand Day Out? Could be.

Wallis and Gromit films are Oscar winning animated films made in the UK.

If you’ve not seen them Wallis is a Northern good hearted man and Gromit is his very intelligent if at times exasperated, dog. Surreal adventures and cheese are what come to mind when I think about them.

They first appeared in the film A Grand Day Out. In this film they are faced with the problem of what to do on an upcoming Bank Holiday.  Wallis decides he needs to have some cheese and crackers – a common theme in their stories. When he goes to the kitchen he discovers that there is no cheese! What to do?

He decides to build a rocket to go to the Moon to get some Cheese because everybody knows that the Moon is made of Cheese.  Not the corner  shop or the neighbours or anywhere expected. The option they chose was the Moon.

I loved that. To look elsewhere. What started with the notion of a snack whilst they contemplated their options turned into a plan (executed) to travel by their own home made rocket to the moon.

To think outside the planet!

They take the TIME OUT of their normal lives to look for something they want somewhere they would not normally go.


And there the metaphorical comparison ends. The film if you haven’t seen it will make you laugh out loud and you might find yourself addicted to others Nick Park has made.


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