Just in time for Christmas

We have been silent for a while. Nine months in fact, a gestation period you might say. We have each been occupied elsewhere.

However we did get back up to Scotland to do some major work on The book, we returned, did some more work on The Book and the first complete draft was done! This was a big tick for both of us. Phew.

The book is now in the hands of Our Editor. This Wise Woman of Wales who will be keeping us on the straight and narrow to get this book through to publication in 2017.

The process of  collaborative writing of a book/programme all the way through to publication is worthy of a blog post or two in its own right.

This is NOT that blog post.

“But friendship is the breathing rose with sweets in every fold”  (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Winter can seem, dark and harsh nevertheless… 20151224_164228


Two weeks ago I was in the supermarket seeking food that would keep because my quite new fridgefreezer had packed up. This had sent me into Adapt mode, Be flexible Sarah, Don’t Be Irritated, mode.  I decided to enjoy the exercise of being more thoughtful about what I scoff eat mindfully 😉

A replacement fridgefreezer was in the works  but was probably going to take a while.

So I was in a different frame of mind to my normal automatic “get food in” state at the supermarket. I had been browsing and thinking and wondering. I’d seen all the Christmas paraphernalia  go up but decided I was not ready to get caught up in that malarkey just yet and was focused on getting to my next lovely cup of tea. I completed my shopping and went to pay for it.

At the checkout there were three miniature dying rose plants. One of the miniature plants was very tiny, a real Falabella horse of a rose. They were being sold! The price had been drastically dropped to mere pennies. They were stuffed in shiny red seasonal boxes overflowing with tissue and flamboyant cheery gaudiness.  Sitting inside each box was a living plant, dying.  And I mean dying they weren’t just wilting a bit. They were falling over themselves. They couldn’t breathe.

Three of them together, shrivelled, thirsty and desperate.

I am not a gardnery person. I love a garden and the outside and wildness. I prefer to be in a wild place rather than a tamed one too, so if you ever find me with a trowel in hand, muttering about aphids and greenfly..  quietly (but quickly) go away to get me some Help!

I looked at the roses as I moved along the conveyor belt with my stuff and as I went to pay, I couldn’t bear their humiliation any longer.  I bought all of the roses. Their situation – dying in bright light, surrounded by vivid presentation material, and people passing by, did me in somewhere deep inside.

And then another sort of madness descended. The groceries got thrown on the back seat but the Roses were placed carefully in the boot and arranged in such a way that they would not fall over and I talked to them. TALKED TO THEM!

In the kitchen they were taken out of their ghastly crimson coffins and looked at.  Then I did something I saw my Mum do (who WAS greenfingered).

I drowned them.

I put them in the sink, slightly warmed the water from very cold to cold and filled the sink holding them down as I did so for a few minutes. Took them out put them in dishes gave them another drink and left them alone.

Over the next few days the talking continued. I removed most of the dead leaves and dead flowers and was left with some leggy spikey beasties. More water, more leaving alone and trusting them to get on with it.

And two weeks later I have 3 living plants. They aren’t thriving yet. I make no promises for their future but there is new growth coming where the dead leaves have been removed. I leave some of the dead leaves on the soil to seep into the soil.  Maybe they will need repotting later but the cool of the kitchen in the shade of my Money Trees seems to be their convalescent place, their place to grow again.

Three Rescue Roses

Three Rescue Roses



They aren’t beautiful yet. Growth, often isn’t pretty in the moment. But there is potential there, a life force intent on living given a chance – that in itself is beautiful.






Look at the new breaking through the decay

Look at the new breaking through the decay


Closer up you can see the magic of nature of has resumed







A little bit of refreshment, peace away from the glare and space to do their own thing.  If that is what you need, take it.

Merry Christmas



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