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How to Join Sprout’s Personal Development Programme

At Sprout, becoming a member means that you are serious about your personal growth and development. It means you are ready to put yourself first, and that you are willing to invest your time and resources to become the best person you can be. Congratulations!

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.

1 Explore Your Options

We offer an all-inclusive, comprehensive personal development programme that will take place over the course of several months. You have the option to start with a mini-retreat, or to jump right in to the full programme. Whichever path you choose, it will always include a pre-retreat session, a retreat experience, post-retreat coaching and support.

2 Choose Your Path

I’m ready for change, but I want to start small.

We suggest the mini-retreat.

Learn More

I’m ready for a complete transformation.

Check out the full programme.

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3 Start Your Journey

Once you decide which personal development path is right for you, it’s time to begin. You can do this by signing up to attend your first retreat. As soon you do, you will start enjoying your journey.

Mini Retreat Benefits

  • individual Pre Retreat session
  • 3 days stay at a luxurious hotel, with delicious food and refreshments
  • access to two personal development coaches
  • world-class learning exercises
  • retreat notebook for your personal jottings
  • small group peer support during the retreat
  • exclusivity: a max of 15 participants
  • 1 hour post retreat coaching session

Full Programme Membership Benefits

  • individual Pre Retreat session
  • pre retreat activities
  • carefully structured personal development programme.
  • 2 four day retreats in peaceful and inspiring surroundings
  • all the benefits of a luxurious hotel( good food, comfortable bedrooms and attentive staff)
  • access to two personal development coaches
  • world class learning exercises
  • engaging presentations,workshops and activities
  • personal notebooks and course materials
  • full ongoing support via a private forum
  • highly exclusive coach participant ratio of 1;5
  • 6 hours of private personal dev coaching, across the whole programme
  • ongoing support from the Personal development coaches
  • time aside for You to fully unwind
  • and so much more….

If you are serious about investing in your personal growth and igniting positive change in your world, then sign up to become a member today!