Fed-up? Stop ignoring the warning signs!

How was your weekend?

Was it filled with activity? Early morning gym session, household jobs, shopping, seeing friends, Skype calls with the kids…?

Before you knew it, was it Sunday afternoon and time to sort diaries for the week ahead?

How did you feel? Did the weekend have a sense of easy flow about it, or did you have to push yourself through it?

Instead of being able to lazily stretch and linger over breakfast, did you feel irritable, tired or lethargic, a stressy tightness in your chest or stomach?

Instead of stopping to think about how you felt, did you just keep busy, hoping somehow you’d feel better by the end of the day?

And maybe you did eventually feel a little better but by then it was Sunday evening and time to start gearing up again for the week ahead?

Sounds familiar?

Many people ignore how they actually feel, just so they can keep on going. 

They fill their long weekdays with work and weekends with activity, leaving no space for themselves.  This approach can be useful and help you to push through difficult situations, but only in the short term.

When you stay busy to distract yourself from deeper unease, it’s only a sticking plaster.

The gym session helps…for a while; a blazing row with your spouse also, strangely, helps by providing an outlet. Too much to drink leaves you with a hangover that acts as a temporary blanket.

But all the while, you ignore the root causes and risk damage to yourself and others around you.

This can only go on for so long. Sooner or later you will be forced to properly look at what is happening.  One row too many, an illness, a serious mistake at work brings you up short.

There is a kinder, more effective and sustainable way to lead your life.

Find the space and support you need and confront what’s really happening.  Once you take that first step, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.