Feeling Bored? Don’t be a busy fool!


Today I want to write about boredom.

It’s not such a sexy topic, is it? You see plenty of articles about anger, jealousy and happiness. Ask anyone about boredom and they find it hard to get excited.

The state of boredom is given a very negative press – unfairly in my view.

When I was a kid, if I ever said “I’m bored”, my dad would reply

“There’s no such thing as boredom. You can always find something to do”

He was right. There is, of course, always something we could be doing.

How do you respond to feeling bored? Do you sink into it or plunge into an activity, any activity? If you hate boredom and will do anything to drive it out, you might want to reflect that boredom is sometimes a useful feeling.

Boredom is not a non-feeling at all.

It is feedback that you have come to a halt. Motivation and energy are at a standstill.

This could be down to boredom or indeed, it could be another feeling masquerading as boredom. Exhaustion, perhaps or even fear of doing something different.

If, at the first whiff of boredom, you rush to stave it off, you might miss the opportunity for finding out something important. 

You may fill your day with activities that actually are not what you really want or need to do. And, at this time of year, it’s tempting to rush into a frenzy of New Year Resolutions.

My challenge to you is, the next time you feel bored, just sit with it a while and ask yourself what exactly you are feeling and why.

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