A is for Allowed

I’ve not been writing much of late, well not stuff that is for sharing yet. Seeing what falls out from my fingers is sometimes a surprise. First the thought/s – then the writing.

Er. Not always with me.

And, I sometimes start sentences with the word and. Or, even a paragraph. Sometimes I put capitals in the Middle of sentences.

So what?
It isn’t that I don’t know the rules, I just don’t always abide by them. I like the use of rules as a defender and protector of self and to enable others. So when a rule brings clarity, I’ll go with it. Sometimes.

But (yes I do that sometimes too) if it is restrictive then I may not comply.

Compliance is a useful social enabler at times. The expectation of automatic compliance sounds a lot like control to me.

Control..what do you think about that?  Sometimes it is a good thing, mostly we like to have a sense of control over ourselves. Should we have control over others, should we allow others to control us?

My word for February is Allowed.

What if the things you want to do, the thoughts you want to express, the desires you have for your life were Allowed?

Those daydreams, what if they were allowed? What would you get on with once you remind  yourself that you give permission.

Allowed. Say it aloud

I am allowed.

Not just for February.