Conquering fears

I am animal mad. It is no understatement. I have always had animals. Right now there is a new  kitten. She is a rescue and feisty and as always when watching a young animal, I am in awe of their capacity to play, learn, play, learn, scare themselves, learn, play, learn, go out there again. Play, learn.

The kitten is tiny and she has in a handful of days conquered her fear of my large bouncy talkative and enthusiastic Hound. So much so that this morning she climbed on to his back and riding his deep doggy breaths, she had a restful snooze, whilst he snored beneath her.

There is another cat in the house who is of a large breed. They are not yet friends, though I am sure they will be in the future. The kitten’s curiosity will force it and the laid back nature of the large cat, though Kitten doesn’t know about that yet.

Yesterday Kitten attempted to stalk said large cat. She was sneaking around the corner of some furniture. Kitten was creeping slowly, driven by curiosity about this large creature that spoke her language.

Her whole body was shaking, right down to the tip of her tail. Not the quiver cats do of contained energy just before they pounce, though I am sure that will come later, shaking. Kitten is frightened of large cat because large cat is strange and LARGE.

Kitten remained curious. She made it. There was an exchange of hisses and Kitten hurled herself across the room and straight up a cupboard door, thereby dissipating nervous energy and turning it into a game.

These approaches are becoming more frequent and the large cat has stopped initiating the hissing now and coolly observes  the Kitten as she approaches. Situation is changing, relationship is developing through small actions.


Play, learn, play, learn, scare themselves, learn, play, learn, go out there again. Play, learn.

It is a simple strategy for a life of fulfillment.

No need for cupboard climbing -unless you want to AND you have large cupboards.

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