Personalised Coaching

Get One-to-One Attention & Support

We’ve all attended so-called personal development programmes that guarantee to change our lives. We’ve heard charismatic speakers deliver promises from the top of a big stage, but in the end we experience very little personalised coaching and guidance.

Sprout is not that type of programme!

Anonymity does not breed results. If you want to take real strides toward change in your life, you need personalised support and advice from a trusted third-party who cares about your personal well-being.

That’s why our full personal development programme approach emphasizes personalised, one-to-one coaching with trained experts.

1:5 Coach to Attendee Ratio

Our personal development programmes are small and intimate. We only allow a maximum of 10 attendees per retreat, which means there will be at least one coach for every five participants. That means plenty of time with our coaches for added personal support.

Six Hours of Private Coaching

During the programme, you will receive at least six hours of private coaching – seven if you choose the optional mini-retreat. That’s a lot of time with a personal development coach who will share in your challenges, offer a fresh perspective and motivate you to pursue your dreams and potential.

A “Do Not Waste Your Money” Policy

We don’t want to be another self-help exercise that you pick up, complete and forget. We will make sure you are motivated for the challenge of personal development, and hold you accountable to upholding your end of the bargain – in a friendly and inspiring kind-of way!

If you would like to move past a life challenge with the help of a caring, nonjudgmental and trained personal development coach, then consider becoming a member of our personal development programmes.