You Can Move On After Your Divorce

Learn How to Rebuild Your Life After a Divorce

If you are recently divorced, then you’re probably experiencing a lot of unsettling emotions. Your stress levels may be high and you feel confused, vulnerable and overwhelmed. Your self-esteem may have taken a dive, and you may even feel like a complete failure. Yet, you are ready to move on after your divorce – and Sprout can help you do that!

With Sprout, you can learn how to rebuild your life after a divorce. Through personalised coaching and peer support, we will will teach you how to move on and start afresh.

Together, we will help you answer important questions, like:

  • Who am I now that I am divorced?
  • How do I discover or rediscover myself after divorce
  • How long does it take to get over a divorce?
  • What are my new choices after a divorce?
  • How do I resolve my feelings toward my ex-spouse?
  • How do I get rid of the baggage that comes from a divorce?
  • How do I stop feeling guilty after my divorce?
  • How do I recover from my divorce?
  • How do I continue or restart my life after a divorce?
  • How do I create a life plan after divorce?
  • How do I put my life plan into action now that I’m single?
  • How do I find out what I really want now that I’m divorced?

During our personal development programme, you will learn how to experience a new freedom, re-evaluate your life  and find hope and purpose after divorce.

Our personal development coaches will show you how to rebuild your life and move on after divorce. Learn More About Our Coaches