You Can Adjust to a New World After a Life Change

Learn How to Create New Opportunities After a Life Transition

If you have recently experienced a life change, then your world is considerably different than it used to be. You have a new world, and you are not exactly sure what role you will play. Perhaps you are having trouble thinking creatively, or dreaming about your new future. You want to properly adjust to your new world – and Sprout can help you do that! With Sprout, you will learn how to create new opportunities after a life transition, such as:

  • your children have grown up and moved away
  • you are now taking care of an elderly parent
  • you are no longer taking care of an elderly parent
  • you are moving past the loss of a partner or loved one
  • you have experienced a serious injury or illness
  • you recently sold your business
  • you moved to a new town or country
  • you just know it’s time to start making changes

Through personalised coaching and peer support, we will show you how to dream again, create new roles for yourself and adjust to your new world. Together, we will help you answer some of life’s most important questions, like:

  • How do I define my new situation?
  • How do I learn to be myself in this new world?
  • What are my new roles after a life change?
  • How should I behave in this new world?
  • How do I start dreaming again?
  • How do I create and recognise new opportunities?
  • What are my fears about living in this new world?
  • How do I overcome my fears?
  • How do I interact with my partner, family and friends after a life change?
  • What if my partner, family and friends don’t like the new me?
  • How do I find fulfilment in my new world?
  • How do I contribute to my new world?

During our personal development programme, you will learn how to find fulfilment and be yourself in this new world you are in.

Our personal development coaches are experts at helping people start new beginnings, and they can support you as you recreate your world. Learn More About Our Coaches