Don’t let your summer dreams fade away.

There is change in the air as Autumn unfolds.  The nights draw in, the air smells damp, leaves change colour and fall to the ground.

This is a time when it’s tempting to withdraw into your bunker.

Summer holidays over, you’ve returned to your normal routine. School runs, chore-filled evenings, days blurring into one another as you work your way through the week.

You forget how you felt in the summer when time seemed to expand and you had space to stretch, relax and reflect.

You forget the conversations you had with your partner or just with yourself, about how good life feels when you have more time, more space, you live closer to nature or around stimulating people and  places; time to laugh, play, explore and rest.

You let your dreams fade, telling yourself it’s time to buckle down again.

It doesn’t have to be like this.  Autumn is a great time for reflection.

Think about it. What helped you to think more expansively about your life, as you lay sleepily in the sun, or swam in warm sea or watched life go by over your coffee in the market square?

You needed time, an attitude of unhurriedness and a conducive environment.

Don’t wait until next summer to dream again.

You can create the right conditions now, wherever you live and work, whatever your circumstances.

You can carve out an hour a week for yourself; you can take yourself off for half a day a month, you could even book yourself a weekend away.

Use this time to develop the thoughts that stirred over the summer. And then, because dreams stay dreams unless you do something about them, start to build your dream into something substantial.

Your dreams are important.

They are the germ of something new. Something that could bring benefits that last far longer than a summer holiday.

So before your diary fills with work and family commitments, make an appointment with yourself.

Don’t let your dreams melt away like the ice in your poolside cocktail.

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