Questions of Adventure

Adventure: What does that word mean to you?

Would you naturally capitalise  the word, where ever it might land in a sentence?

Is an Adventure automatically a huge thing that takes serious planning with serious faces?

Or is an Adventure something that happens on the spur of the moment without too much thought?

How do you feel about adventure?  Is it something to be embraced or avoided?

Is it something only to be done “when the time is right”?

Should it be Excellent?

Would other people recognise it as an Adventure? Does that matter to you?

What do you think the benefits of adventure are for you?

Do you notice the risks or the possibilities of going on an Adventure?

How long does an Adventure last, is it 5 mins or 5 years or longer than that? What is your ideal timespan?

Is adventure too big a concept right now?

How about being adventurous? Is there some aspect of your world, where a little bit of adventure would be some spice to a currently bland life diet?

Exploit, escapade, as words are they attractive to you or appalling?

Is it – or something like it – missing from your life right now?


Does it feel like you have rather too much chaos, too many occurrences and incidents you are having to navigate, none of which are giving you much pleasure, at the moment?

What if you could plan your own idea of your personal exploit. You decide the size of it, you decide the level of commitment, you decide the timespan. You decide the level of challenge. You make the choices. The decisions are yours if you want to make them?

Well you can.

You are.

You are deciding and you are making choices everyday.

Yes you can make different ones too!

If you used your own words for useful synonyms for Adventure what could they be?

What if you replaced the word Adventure with…..


How would you apply it?

A large upcoming holiday season, is as good a reason to start thinking about it, or deciding to experience it as any other..

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